Gluten-Free Breakfast Muffins with Ham & Veggies Recipe - Allergy Free Alaska

Gluten-Free Breakfast Muffins with Ham & Veggies

Welcome to my blog! If you like what you’re reading, subscribe to my newsletter and never miss a recipe. Thanks for visiting! Look no further – these are the perfect breakfast muffins! The base of these Gluten-Free Breakfast Muffins with Ham & Veggies is slightly sweet, like cornbread almost – thanks in part to the… 

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Perfect Gluten Free Granola Bars - Allergy Free Alaska

Perfect Gluten-Free Egg-Free Granola Bars

It’s August already… I can’t even believe it. School starts here in another few short weeks, although since I homeschool our children, we school on a somewhat year-round basis. Schooling almost year-round gives us the opportunity to take breaks whenever something fun presents itself, regardless of when that might be. That’s something I really love about homeschool – the… 

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Ancheta Family Favorites July 2014

Ancheta Family Favorites July 2014

This Ancheta Family Favorites July 2014 post is something I’ve been toying with for a while. The idea was to share with you a mish-mash of what our family loves- from books and apps, to the brand of jeans I wear, to gluten free products and local programs we love and recommend. I don’t know how… 

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How To Make Refined Sugar Free Lox-Allergy Free Alaska

How To Make Refined Sugar Free Gravlax (Salt-Cured Salmon)

Gravlax is Scandinavian in descent, meaning “grave salmon” or “buried salmon.” Raw fillets or pieces of salmon are covered (or buried) in salt, sugar, and spices that, over a period of time, draw moisture out of the fish to cure and preserve it. Once the cure mixture is washed away from the fish, the end result is a… 

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Butter Pecan Ice Cream Vegan and Paleo- Allergy Free Alaska

Vegan & Paleo “Butter” Pecan Ice Cream

I have such a treat for you today! Fresh chopped pecans toasted golden in “butter,” combined with rich and sweet dairy-free vanilla ice cream. Yep, that can only mean one thing: I made Vegan & Paleo “Butter” Pecan Ice Cream. I promise you, this recipe is going to make you want to forget your dinner… 

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Gluten Free and Vegan Spinach Tortillas from Allergy Free Alaska

Gluten Free & Vegan Spinach Tortillas

I have such a big treat for you today! Gluten free tortillas, that are not only egg free and vegan, but nut free, too! Woo-hoo!  We have used these Gluten Free & Vegan Spinach Tortillas for tacos, tuna wraps, wraps with lunch meat and veggies, breakfast wraps, etc. They stand up really well to whatever you… 

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Vegan Paleo Fudge Tracks Ice Cream - Allergy Free Alaska

Vegan & Paleo Fudge Tracks Ice Cream

Creamy vanilla ice cream + rich & decadent hot fudge sauce + chopped almonds = pure bliss.  Seriously. You just can’t go wrong with vanilla and chocolate.  I’m very much an emotional eater; I’ve always been one, although I’ve curved it a lot over the last several years (or attempted to). Some days though, despite… 

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How to Handle a Child with Emotional Fits Tantrums Due to Gluten- Allergy Free Alaska

10 Tips: How to Handle Children with Emotional Fits/Tantrums Due to Gluten Exposure

I got an email from a mom yesterday asking me how I handle my child when she has an emotional fit or tantrum due to being glutened. That’s a really loaded question, and one I get incredibly emotional over. I don’t mind people asking, and I’m very glad this mom reached out to me for help…. 

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Dairy Free Hot Fudge Sauce-Allergy Free Alaska

Rich & Decadent Dairy Free Hot Fudge Sauce

You know your life as a food blogger has reached an all time low when you are caught in the kitchen by your children licking hot fudge sauce off of your shirt. And then they want a lick too. Yes, sadly that seriously happened. I was taking pictures and next thing I knew my shirt was… 

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Grain Free Vegan Twisted Flax Sticks {Allergy Free Alaska}

Grain Free & Vegan Twisty Flax Sticks

I know most of you came here just for the Grain Free & Vegan Twisty Flax Sticks recipe, but before we jump in to that, there’s 2 new release cookbooks that I don’t want you to miss out on!  The first one is from my friend, Jeanine of The Baking Beauties: Breakfast Beauties contains 25 gluten-free recipes… 

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Crockpot Refried Beans by Allergy Free Alaska

World’s Best Crock Pot Refried Beans

I don’t know about you, but if I can make a big batch of a particular food item and freeze it in portions for later use, I will. This is one of those classic recipes where I do just that, because it makes a whole lotta delicious beans that the entire family loves (and double bonus – beans… 

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