Gluten-Free & DIY Tuesday 8.19.2014

Welcome to my blog! If you like what you’re reading, subscribe to my RSS feed and never miss a recipe. Thanks for visiting! Welcome to  Gluten-Free & DIY Tuesday – brought to you by Jeanine of The Baking Beauties, and Megan of Allergy Free Alaska. Your submissions each week will appear on BOTH websites, in… 

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Campfire Potatoes (sweet potatoes or regular potatoes)

  “In Memoriam” by Lilian Leader Have you ever looked, really looked, at a solders face? Sometimes it’s young, barely an adult the hopes of youth still painted in its features. Sometimes it’s old older than faith, older than wisdom, older than time. And sometimes…sometimes it’s a bit of both all at once. Sometimes it’s… 

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DSC_0578 (Medium)

Sugar Free Chocolate Macaroons

What a beautiful evening in Alaska!  It’s 9pm and the sun is still shining.  We even have blue skies!   Gluten & Sugar Free Chocolate Macaroons: Yields about 16 cookies 4 egg whites from large eggs 1/8 tsp sea salt 1 tsp vanilla 1/4  teaspoon NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia 2 cups unsweetened coconut, finely shredded… 

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DSC_0103 (Medium)

Dairy & Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

I LOVE coffee.  LOVE it!  Before becoming gluten and dairy free I would always drink real dairy lattes, mochas, and I would always have half and half or another form of creamer in my coffee.  These days I drink my coffee black.  It’s taken me a while to get to this point.  Every now and… 

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Cherry Almond Energy Bars (Mock LARABAR)

  It is very hard to find gluten free energy bars made from wholesome ingredients.  That’s why I love LARABARS.  They are gluten free and never contain more than 9 ingredients (and most of their bars are mostly raw).  LARABARS are the perfect bar to grab and go! Here is a quick recipe to make… 

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DSC_0057 (Medium)

Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chip Cookies… grain & gum free

I did something I don’t normally do today.  I told my girls they could eat as many chocolate chip cookies as they wanted to for a snack.  ;)  You should have seen the looks on their sweet faces!  They were so happy! I do not use store bought almond flour in this recipe (which is… 

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DSC_0587 (Medium)

Thai Panang Curry Chicken Soup

I love me some Thai food!  I just wish I could eat at a Thai restaurant and know without a doubt my joints weren’t going to be completely swollen the next day… This soup is super simple to make and is full of flavor.  It’s easily one of my new favorite recipes. Thai Panang Curry… 

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DSC_0347 (Medium)

Green Mango Yogurt Smoothie

I purchased Jilian’s Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD a few weeks ago.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the DVD, Jillian Michaels is one of the trainers from the ever popular television show the Biggest Loser.  On her 30 Day Shred DVD there are 3 workouts.  I have only done workout #1. Week… 

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DSC_0391 (Medium)

Breaded Fish or Chicken Strips… gluten & corn free

I am convinced I have had halibut made, baked, and fried just about every way possible.  My parents moved our our little family from Michigan all the way to the small town of Kodiak, Alaska, when I was only 9 months old.  I grew up eating fresh salmon, halibut, crab, and venison (meals people pay… 

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Fluffy Pancakes (Medium)

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes

 This recipe is linked to Gluten-Free Wednesdays.  Yields about 12 four to five inch pancakes 1/4 cup millet flour 1/4 cup sorghum flour 1/4 cup brown rice flour 1/2 cup tapioca starch 2 TBSP almond meal, optional** (I use Bob’s Red Mill) 2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp xanthan gum pinch of good sea salt… 

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DSC_0259 (Medium)

“Banana Cream Pie” Chia Pudding… Dairy/Egg/Refined Sugar Free

  Right now I am really trying to focus on my health, and my eating habits.  My ND has told me time and time again I really need to limit my sugar intake – cane sugar, agave, maple syrup, etc… The bottom line is that sugar is sugar, and I’m only fooling myself thinking it’s… 

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