Grain-Free & Vegan Tortillas (and a giveaway!)

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There is something special about tortillas. I wouldn’t call them a comfort food, but there’s nothing better than being able to eat a soft taco stuffed to the brim with all the fixin’s. You know what I mean?!

These Grain-Free & Vegan Tortillas are totally legit. They look like the real thing (a gluten-filled white flour tortilla), bend like the real thing, and nearly taste like the real thing, too. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised how “normal” these are. 

I use a tortilla press to make my tortillas. I press the dough out between 2 sheets of parchment paper and then I use a rolling pin to roll the dough out thinner (to about the thickness of a nickel). That’s my secret to making my tortillas look so round and uniform. 😉 

All my love,

Grain-Free Tortillas Allergy Free Alaska

This giveaway is now closed. So because you guys are so awesome, I’m giving away 2 IMUSA Cast Iron 8-inch Tortilla Presses. That means there will be TWO lucky winners! You can enter using the form below:

Grain-Free & Vegan Tortillas
Serves: eight 6-7 inch tortillas
  1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the blanched almond flour, tapioca starch, arrowroot starch, psyllium husk powder, coconut flour, baking powder, and sea salt.
  2. Stir in the olive oil and then slowly pour 1/2 cup of warm water into the flour mixture and stir until combined.
  3. Let the dough rest for 5 minutes to allow the psyllium husk powder and coconut flour time to expand and absorb the liquid.
  4. If the dough is still dry and crumbly, continue to add additional warm water, a tablespoon at a time, until the dough easily comes together to form a workable dough.
  5. Form the dough into 8 even balls and place them back in the mixing bowl; cover with a damp paper towel to prevent the dough from drying out.
  6. Preheat a lightly oiled 10-12 inch cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.
  7. Roll a dough ball between 2 pieces of parchment paper into a round tortilla, as thin as you can get it (about the thickness of a nickel), about 6-7 inches in diameter.
  8. Peel off the top layer of parchment paper and place the tortilla, dough side down, into the hot skillet. Within a few seconds, you should be able to gently peel off the remaining piece of parchment paper. Cook until bubbly and golden. Flip and continue to cook until bubbly and golden on the other side (Be careful not to overcook. If the tortillas start to burn, beyond normal charring like you see in the picture, reduce heat to medium.).
  9. Place the cooked tortillas on a plate between layers of paper towels (or a clean kitchen towel). Some of the tortillas might come out of the skillet somewhat crispy, but as they sit on top of each other, between the layers of paper towels, the warm moist heat makes them pliable and soft.
  10. Continue rolling and cooking the remaining dough.
Recipe Notes from Megan
There is a difference between whole psyllium husk and psyllium husk powder. Please make sure you use psyllium husk powder in this recipe.

The key to these tortillas remaining pliable is moist warm heat. After refrigerating, simply warm in the microwave for 10-20 seconds to "revive" its pliability.

Q: How do these freeze? A: I don't know. I haven't tried it yet, so if you do, please come back and leave a comment so we'll all know the results!

Substitutions: For those of you who are nut free, you might be able to substitute sunflower seed flour for the blanched almond flour, but I haven't tried it yet, so I can't guarantee it will work. There are no substitutions for the coconut flour, or the psyllium husk powder.

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  1. Kathryn McDonald says

    Looks fantastic, I haven’t had a burrito in years! would love to bite into one of these!

    • Megan says

      Thank you, sweet Shirley! That’s very kind of you to say. 😉 I think you’ll love these… I was actually surprised they turned out so well!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness Megan-YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I making homemade stock today and am totally making these tortillas later on in the day. I have always dreamed of a grain-free tortilla my kids and the whole family would enjoy!

  3. Melanie Binkley says


    I entered my email, name and clicked I subscribe clicked enter for more entries and keep getting a message “this field required” not sure what I might have missed? Thanks!

  4. says

    Hi Megan,

    These are amazing! Seriously, they look like the “real” thing. You’re a genius my friend. I can’t wait to try these. I LOVE tortillas. Love them!


  5. Joanne Peterson says

    Hi Megan,

    These look very, very good! I will have to try them. I eventually have to get a tortilla press, it makes so much sense to have one with now wanting to make all of our baked goods.



  6. Davina Stuart says

    Hi Megan.. I’m also having problems with submitting for the drawing.. silly capcha or whatever isn’t loading so it won’t let me actually submit.
    so, as you suggested on FB i’m just messaging you here :)

    email is bookladydavina at yahoo dot com
    and my facebook handle is Davina Spafford Stuart :)

    • Megan says

      Bacon grease….. I know, right? There’s nothing better than a breakfast burrito – but especially one made with bacon/bacon grease! 😉 LOL!

  7. Heather r says

    I stumbled across your website looking for allergy free recipes and so excited to see your giving away a tortilla press. But so disappointed that it is only open to Facebook fans. some of us are fans of you and not fans of Facebook. Bummer

    • Megan says

      Hi Heather,
      Yes, Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool, which is why it is required; however, I can understand and appreciate where you are coming from. FB isn’t for everyone. I will accept this comment as your official entry. 😉 Thanks for commenting – very glad to have you here!

  8. Kirstie says

    These look fantastic, AND I have all the ingredients on hand! Thank you for making breakfast burritos a possibility :)

  9. diann says

    I’m also having trouble entering…. Facebook: Diann Marie Torrey Mize and e-mail

    Hubby is allergic to almonds…will try with hazelnut or sunflower seed. Am so tired of the crumbly rice tortillas…
    Thank you.

  10. says

    I have several friends needing to be gluten-free that I’ll share this recipe with. And these do look like “regular” tortillas. Very impressive! I just tried making my own, using only a rolling pin. I definitely need a tortilla press :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Diane says

    Thank you for the tortilla recipe. They look awesome! Thank you for the chance to win the press. It would be awesome to own one.

  12. Jessica M says

    Love this! I lived in Alaska for a couple of years as a kid- so glad to find this. :) I also have a wheat sensitivity so definitely checking this recipe out. Thanks :)

  13. Karen says

    This is great – I can’t wait to try. My twin boys and both of my nephews are on very restricted diets…and we are lacking a good, quality tortilla. Thanks!

  14. Janet says

    I couldn’t get entry form to load so leaving comment like you suggested…….would really like to have one of these

  15. says

    Great idea. Would love to try. My daughter and grandson are allergic to almonds. Have you tried anything that could be used in place of the almond flour?

  16. Patti Hanco says

    Hi this is Patti and I tried to do an entry but I cannot make the form work it just spins? Thanks for letting me try this way.

  17. says

    I just found you for the first time and Wow! GF tortilla recipe and a press give-away?! I can’t wait to see what else I’ve been missing. I subscribed to your newsletter and became a fan of your FB page. I’m trying to sign up for the giveaway, but I get a “This field is required” message. Can you help me out, please? Thanks in advance!

    • Megan says

      Hi Anabell! Welcome! And no worries about the entry form – I will accept this comment as your entry! 😉

  18. Ali Fee says

    I’m having problems entering the contest:( You said on Facebook to leave a comment to enter.

    P.S. I can’t wait to make these!!!

  19. Cathy says

    Hope I win the tortilla press. :-) Just got my sunflower seed flour and looking forward to trying this recipe.

  20. Nancy Morrison says

    A tortilla press would be lovely! It would save me so much time instead of rolling them out by hand. And to have them all the same shape?? My family wouldn’t know what to think! :)

  21. Julie says

    This looks like a great recipe. I can’t wait to try it! I tried to enter but was unable to. I do not have facebook so looks like I may miss out on the drawing. I was a subscriber before but stopped getting your updates; just put in email again and looking forward to your posts.

  22. says

    Hi Megan,

    This recipe is just genius. As soon as I get some almond flour, I am making these!!!

    This was by far the most popular recipe last week on AFW! Great job.

    Hope you’re having a great week.


  23. Ronalyn Hurley says

    I received my order from Vitacost yesterday, with the ingredients I needed for the tortillas. I made them a couple of hours ago and feasted on two absolutely delicious soft tortilla tacos (I would have eaten three were I not trying to lose a few pounds). I have a tortilla press, thank goodness, which made the process easier. I am freezing three and keeping two in the ‘fridge for tomorrow.

    Megan, I honestly like them better than any gluten-full flour tortilla I ate before going gluten-free. Thank you for sharing your recipe with those of us who have sorely missed our flour tortillas.

    • Megan says

      Thank you so much for making my day! 😉 You are incredibly welcome — I’m so glad you enjoyed them!!
      😉 Megan

  24. Angie Lockard says

    Hi Megan! These tortillas are delicious! Lane says they rival regular, store-bought tortillas. He likes the texture of these much better than the flax tortillas I had been making for him. So wonderful to have a better option. Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

    • Megan says

      Hi Gwen, you could try arrowroot starch – I haven’t tried it in this recipe, but I’m confident it would work!

  25. Jeannette says

    I so much want to try these! I cannot get any GF tortillas in my area. I really like burritos and all that too. But…I don’t know what husk powder is or where to get it and if I get it, do I get a lot (do a lot of your recipes call for it?) do I store it in the fridge? Also, can I use regular almond flour?
    Thank you!

    • Megan says

      Hi Jeannette,
      You can find psyllium husk powder on or, and no need to store it in the refrigerator. Store it at room temp in a dark pantry or cupboard. 😉 No, regular almond flour will not work in this recipe – only blanched almond flour will. I recommend the Honeyville brand.

  26. Sandii Hiatt says

    I’m on a very strict diet and have been craving tortillas, I almost cried when I tried these. Thank you, thank you! I didn’t have the husk powder, so just used an extra tbs of coconut flour, turned out perfect!

  27. Lori says

    I saw Sandies comment on substituting extra coconut flour in place of psyllium powder, do you have any other suggestions to substitute for the psyllium powder?

    • Megan says

      Hi Lori,
      No, I’m sorry I don’t. The psyllium husk powder is the foundation of this recipe – it holds everything together. Substituting extra coconut flour will not work (sorry!).

  28. Angie Lockard says

    Hi Megan! These are our favorite tortillas!! They are wonderful for so many things. I’m leaving a comment to let you know that we freeze them and it works like a charm! :) Thanks for the incredible recipe! Love it in the pizza pockets, too! :)

  29. Liah says

    hi Megan do you by chance have any suggestions for substituting the almond flour for something else? My hubby and I have an almond allergy but I would love to make this recipe :) thanks so much!

  30. says

    I made these tonight . I had to added 1/2 a cup of water then about another 1/2 cup of water slowly until it was a paste. I tried to roll it but without any luck so we used our electric chapatti maker and it worked a charm. So loved these. Will definitely make these again. Thanks you so much. MX

    • Megan says

      Hi Madeleine,
      You are very welcome; I’m glad you enjoyed them! 1 cup of water is too much liquid. The dough should be just like a normal “gluten-filled” tortilla dough, and it should be very easy to work with and roll out. As per the recipe, the max amount of water you’d want to use is 3/4 cup. 😉

  31. Jess says

    Wait, I’m confused… you say you use a tortilla press but then in the next sentence you say you roll out your dough between two sheets of parchment. Do you really do both?! Help!!

    • Megan says

      Hi Jess,
      I do use both. I put the dough between 2 sheets of parchment, and then I press it in the tortilla press. This way the dough doesn’t stick the press and will peel clean off of the parchment.

  32. Jennifer says

    These are delicious! After running out of almond flour I tried exchanging the almond flour with coconut flour and it worked really well (just needed more water adding) thanks for this great recipe!

  33. Anita says

    Just wanted to say thank you… this is a great recipe!! I have tried to make several versions of grain free tortillas and this one is the best. So excited to have a tortilla that we can use at our house!

  34. Scott Swenson says

    FYI, in case no one else has mentioned it, they freeze excellent. No issues. Also, I ended up making this both ways – powder and husks – with no difference in the results. Might be the brands I use (NOW Foods).


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