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Eating GF in Alaska

One of the most popular questions I get is: “Where do I eat gluten-free while visiting Alaska?” Thanks to the help of my Facebook readers, I’ve compiled this list of restaurants/cafes organized by city. If you have other restaurants/cafes to recommend that provide gluten-free options in Alaska (that aren’t already listed), please leave me a comment below including the city, name, and any other comments you think are helpful. 

Please note, this is a very loose list based on information I’ve received from others. The restaurants/businesses listed below may offer “gluten-free & other allergen-free” items that are NOT made in a dedicated gluten-free/allergen free facility. You are solely responsible for verifying the items ordered/purchased are suitable for your food allergies. I cannot guarantee them for you and will not be held liable.


Eating Gluten-Free in Alaska-Allergy Free Alaska

Applebee’s– offers a GF menu
Bear Tooth Grill & Theatrepub
Chili’s- offers a GF menu
Doriola’s- GF sandwiches
Firetap Alehouse– offers a GF menu
Glacier Brewhouse- offers a GF menu (per Megan, I DO NOT recommend)
Hard Rock Cafe- excellent with allergies, very accomodating
Kinley’s– GF menu available, the owner is very GF knowledgeable
Kriner’s Diner
Ling & Louie’s-  offers a GF menu
Middle Way Cafe– GF/Vegan baked goods & lunch options
Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzaria– GF pizzas
Namaste Shangri-La
Natural Pantry Cafe
Olive Garden– provides a GF menu
Organic Oasis– lots of GF items & will to accommodate other allergies
Orso– provides a GF menu
Out of the Box- Food truck located on Spenard Rd. near Dolphin Hair
Outback Steakhouse– provides a GF menu
Pie Stop- offer pies with a GF crust
PhoNatik- located off of Dimond & has lots of GF options (also very allergy friendly)
Red Robin– gourmet burgers (they may also have a dedicated GF fryer- verify with your server)
Sara’s Sandwiches- offers GF bread
The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen– GF pizzas
Ronnie Sushi 2– (they may use clean mats and knives/gloves to avoid cross contamination, but verify with your server)
Simon & Seaforts
Schlotzskys- offers GF bread
Snow City Cafe– many items on the menu can be made GF
South Restaurant + Coffeehouse- has many GF options
Spenard Road House
Sullivan’s Steak House– very willing to accommodate for GF
Table 6
Terra Bella Organic Coffee & Bakery- GF baked goods
Thai Kitchen
Wheel Good Food- (food truck)
Yak & Yeti– Himalayan food with many GF & Vegan options

Princess Lodge- offers a GF menu

Black Bear Coffee House– a variety of coffees, lunch items & GF baked goods (some vegan options are available too)

Bear Mountain Grill- is exceptional with allergies
Eagle River Ale House
Pizza Man- offers GF crust
Tinker’s Rainforest Deli- has GF bread on hand

Alaskana Kitchen (food truck)- carries GF & Paleo items
Bahn Thai
Brazen Bistro
College Town Pizza- GF pizzas
Dominos- GF pizzas
El Sabor at the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market (they have a sign, ‘our whole menu is accidentally gluten free’)
Food Factory- limited GF fresh breads available
Ivory Jacks- Nearly every item on the menu can be ordered GF
Lavelle’s Bistro
Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine
Lunch Cafe & Eatery- they offer many GF & whole food items and go above and beyond for food allergies
Pad Thai
Pho House- offers GF Pho and other GF items
Simply Thai
The Pump House- very GF aware
Take 5 Cafe- many GF (and some diary free) options

Jack Sprat

Fireweed Gallery Coffee & Tea House- GF baked goods & dairy-free beverages

49th State Brewery

Maura’s Cafe- many GF options to choose from
The Little Mermaid
Two Sister’s Bakery- GF (and dairy free) baked goods & lattes

The Hanger- GF pasta
Rockwell- has a GF (and dairy free) menu available

Fat Stan’s

Big Daddy’s Pizza
Caribou Family Restaurant- GF bread, buns & pancakes
Odie’s Deli- offers a delicious GF foccachia for sandwiches & has a GF soup option 99% of the time.
PJ’s Diner

Java Flats- coffee items, including GF baked goods & bread.
Monk’s Rock- has GF bread available for sandwiches

Grizzli’s Italian Bistro & Pizzeria- GF pizzas

Humdingers- wood fired GF pizzas, desserts & other items (pizza crust is also dairy-free, egg-free and corn starch/meal-free)
Palmer Ale House- GF pizzas and other GF options
Sophia’s Cafe-
Turkey Red-  GF bread is available for sandwiches & many items on the menu can be made GF
Vagabond Blues- coffee house with GF & Vegan cookies & snack items

Chinooks- includes GF noted meals on their menu
Sea Bean Cafe- GF sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes & snack bars (also dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free)

Sugar Mama’s Bakery- GF cupcakes

Flying Squirrel Bakery- has many GF options
Mountain High Pizza Pie

Bistro Red Beet- GF lunch & dinner items, baked goods, etc. This is directly from Bistro Red Beet: “We are, indeed, a fully dedicated gluten, soy, corn free eatery in Wasilla. We have a full bakery – cookies, cakes, pastries, breads, muffins, as well as all Gluten Free food. We also do Paleo, dairy free and egg free baked goods and special order cakes.”
The Grape Tap- lots of GF options & will accommodate as much as possible

Happy Family Restaurant- Chinese food. No GF menu, but the couple that own & run it understands what GF means
Locals- GF pizzas & beer
Mekong Thai- offers no GF menu, but tries to accommodate
North Star Bakery- limited selection of GF items
Red Robin- gourmet burgers (they may also have a dedicated GF fryer)
Thai Asian Cuisine

DeEtte Burnett

Friday 23rd of April 2021

Megan, I love that you have this restaurant listing. It's so important to have this resource when traveling or even in your own town. Here's some updates on your Fairbanks list.

Domino's GF pizza is made on the same equipment as all their other pizzas. Beware. Grizzlies no longer exists. Take 5 cafe is now called Little Owl Cafe. They have vegan baked goods as well as GF. The Lunch Cafe no longer exists. Ivory Jacks has a dedicated kitchen area for GF! The owner is a celiac! Blue Roof Bistro is delicious and has many GF entrees, as well as GF bread options for all of their sandwiches and GF desserts. Their food is insanely good. Lavelle's bistro is very accommodating. The Banks has GF pizza made in a separate area and offers GF buns on burgers.

On a recent trip to the Valley, I ate at Turkey Red! Incredible service and food! The server was extremely knowledgeable about GF. We also ate at Bistro Red Beet and it was liberating knowing that we didn't have to ask if something was GF. LOL. Their Beet bread and buns are soooo good. Also, they have weekly specials and are very comforting types of meals.

I'll let you know if I think of more! So glad I discovered your website and fb page.


Saturday 26th of January 2019

Thank you for compiling this list! I love cruising to Alaska, and if I'm not eating lunch on the ship, I'm always looking for a locally-owned place to grab a gluten-free meal or a GF snack to take on an excursion.

- Dana Pittsburgh, PA

Elizabeth Peterson

Saturday 24th of November 2018

Woody's in Seward is almost completely gluten free / vegan.


Monday 6th of August 2018

Fat Ptarmigan in Anchorage has amazing gluten free pizza. They also have Diaya cheese as an option if you choose to go dairy free. Just around the corner at Scoops there is always a vegan option and at least one flavor that’s gluten free.

Karen B

Saturday 14th of July 2018

In Juneau, The Sandpiper Cafe and Twisted Fish Company both had knowledgeable wait staff and were helpful with gluten and dairy free choices. The king crab tacos at Twisted Fish were served in a lettuce wrap as the taco shells had gluten. Delicious!! Also, Rainbow Foods grocery is close to the downtown area, easily in walking distance from the docks with lots of allergy free snacks.