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Naturally Dyed Homemade Sprinkles (grain, sugar & top-8 allergen free)

I know some of you parents can relate. Since removing gluten and corn from my girl’s diets, they have not had the luxury of fun colorful sprinkles on their birthday cakes or frosted holiday cookies either.

There may be a company that sells gluten and corn free sprinkles, but I haven’t come across one. AND even if these said sprinkles existed, they would probably cost a pretty penny (not including the price of shipping to Alaska).

I finally have a sprinkle solution, and chances are, you have all of the ingredients already sitting in your pantry! These Naturally Dyed Homemade Sprinkles are sooooooo easy to make!


Naturally Dyed Homemade Sprinkles:

Here’s what you need:

unsweetened shredded coconut
olive oil in a spritzer
spice powder: paprika (reddish-orange), beet powder (pinkish-purple), turmeric (yellow), parsley or spirula (green) for coloring

  1. Place a small amount of unsweetened shredded coconut in a small bowl and lightly spray with the olive oil (very lightly, you don’t want the coconut too wet). Add a small amount of spice powder to the bowl and stir until fully blended with the coconut. If the desired color isn’t intense enough, simply stir in a bit more powder.

Megan’s Recipe Notes:
If using parsley, use a mortar and pestle to grind it into a powder before using it to color the coconut.

It is best to make and use these sprinkles right away; however, if you have to make them a day ahead of time, simply leave them out on the counter uncovered (so they stay dried out).

The flavor of some spices (especially parsley & spirula) can be overpowering, but if paired with a sweet frosting, the flavor can be masked. Just beware. Use it in moderation and sprinkle in moderation. Beet powder and turmeric are going to be the least intense of flavors. 

I’ve tried making sprinkles using a few drops of spinach juice (or other various vegetable liquids), but it just didn’t work out. The color wasn’t intense enough, and it made the coconut flakes too wet. I don’t suggest using liquid for coloring.


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