Grain Free Aloha Pockets - Allergy Free Alaska

Grain-Free Aloha Pizza Pockets

You know how it is when you’re a parent of kiddos with food allergies… coming up with new fun ways to feed them is difficult. In the last several weeks I’ve really tried to focus on creating new recipes for my girls. They eat well, lots of veggies and whole foods, but every so often I… 

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DSC_0344 (Small)

Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer (Vegan/No Sugar Added)

I normally don’t take creamer in my coffee. Well, at least not anymore. I used to. Up until I changed my diet and couldn’t find the right sort of dairy free creamer substitute. I tried everything from dairy free coffee creamers to canned coconut milk to any and every dairy free milk under the sun…. 

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Grain Free High Protein & Fiber (Small)

Grain Free High Protein & Fiber Bread (xanthan/guar gum free)

Once upon a time (roughly 7 years ago and prior to becoming gluten free) I was a very angry and unhappy young woman. My husband and I were living in a condo in the city and I was working full time from home while taking care of our first baby girl. It was hard. My… 

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Dairy Free Caramel Macchiato (Paleo, vegan & refined sugar free)

Time: 11:29pm I’m listening to: Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band I still remember the first sip I ever took of a caramel macchiato. It was years ago. The whip cream combined with the caramel sauce made the coffee so sweet and incredibly rich and creamy. It was heaven, and I became an addict for… 

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Things I feed my (gluten free & whole food) kids, Part 3

If you are new to this series, make sure you check out part 1 and part 2 of “Things I feed my (gluten free & whole food) kids! Breakfast/Snacks: Grapes & Strawberries- It isn’t very often we get to enjoy fresh strawberries (or grapes) for that matter around here. They are generally too expensive, but… 

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Things I feed my (gluten free & whole food) kids, Part 2

Has another week gone by already? And is it really February?! I don’t know about you, but I keep dreaming of flip flops and sunshine! Summer can’t come soon enough! For those of you who missed last week’s “Things I feed my (gluten free & whole foods) kids, ” you can view it HERE. I… 

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grain free mini pizzas (Medium)

Things I feed my (gluten free & whole food) kids, Part 1

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I started a photo album this past week titled, “Things I Feed My Kids,” with the intention of sharing what I feed my gluten, dairy, and mostly corn free girls (ages 7 and 4).  There are rumors flying around that Facebook is making even more changes in… 

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Gluten & Dairy Free Dinner Rolls (Plain, Garlic & Rosemary, or Onion)

The smell of freshly baking rolls is wafting through the house. Who can resist that delectable smell? Warm rolls… fluffy rolls… the kind of rolls that are a little bit of soft heaven when you take a bite. I’ve been searching for these rolls ever since I went gluten free. Searching, recipe testing, and finally…… 

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