Psoriasis is the pits and other TMI musings…

Psoriasis.  It’s the pits… literally.  Pits – like armpits.  Since I started this blog to help those of us with psoriasis and arthritis I just thought I’d put it out on the table, get it out in the open, and scream it from the top of a mountain:


I broke out the steroid cream a few days ago.  Lightly seasoned the pits with steroid cream, then topped it all off with a bit of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg (I’m kidding! Dove clinical strength is more like it.  This is a food blog too though, and I get a bit carried away.)

On the upside, the pits feel less itchy today.  I never use my steroid cream unless I feel like I absolutely can’t stand the itching anymore.  I will go weeks, sometimes months without using it.

The psoriasis on my scalp (it’s at the base of my head, hidden in my hair) is annoying.  The patch is a few inches long and I can pull off patches of dead skin (scale like things) on demand.  I feel like the guy from one of the Austin Power’s movies.  You remember the one who picked off big patches of dead skin?  Or was it other peoples skin?  I don’t remember, but I know, it’s gross!  It totally grosses me out, but that’s the only thing I can really compare it to for others to understand.

I know, TMI… and some poor fellow is running around their living room right now screaming, “BAD MENTAL PICTURES!  BAD MENTAL PICTURES!”

Maybe I’ll work up the nerve to one day post a picture of the psoriasis on the back of my scalp.  Until then…… this will remain a picture-less post!


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  1. su.wei says

    I feel your pain.I'm pregnant right now, which seems to tame mine a bit, but it flares up with a vengeance after delivery

  2. says

    Your honesty is welcomed on this end! And it does totally suck. Hope you are finding some relief. You know where I get to enjoy psoriasis. Oh, happy, happy joy, joy. : )Hope this finds you and the family well. I'm grieving over loss of RA Superb*tch. : ( Just found out today. So sad.p.s. pudding pops? loved! wouldn't touch now. my boys will love you for your recipe. they love popsicles! and it's 100 degrees daily here lately!

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