Restaurant Review: Hott Stixx, Anchorage

My husband and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  :)  Although yesterday was our real anniversary, we snuck away earlier this weekend to have dinner (without the girls) at Hott Stixx restaurant in Anchorage.

Hott Stixx is located at 1921 West Dimond Boulevard #106 – in the strip mall behind the Thai restaurant which is across the street from Burlington on Dimond.  On their website, Hott Stixxs describes themselves as, “International Innovation with Alaskan Ingredients.”  They also go on to say they offer, “respect to those with dietary concerns and constraints.”

This was the first time we’ve eaten at Hott Stixxs.  Truth is, I didn’t know they even existed until a family member told me about them.

When we first walked in to Hott Stixx, we were greeted by their friendly staff and warm atmosphere.  Even though all of their tables appeared full, we were seated right away (I think we got the last table!). 

What they claim on their website was true.  Our waiter and the kitchen took extra steps to ensure our meals were gluten free.  We ordered the Walnut Tiger Prawns which are supposed to be, “Flash fried and tossed in honey aioli with toasted walnuts and puffed shrimp chips.”  Instead of frying our shrimp in the fryer (where other glutenous foods are fried), they used a clean wok with clean oil.  Course, I couldn’t have any shrimp chips (lol), but that was okay.  The dish was amazing.  We also ordered the Ahi steak, which they also modified to ensure it was gluten free.

Overall impression of the place:
Their restaurant is clean, great atmosphere, the staff is outgoing and friendly, definitely gluten free friendly (our waiter even told me they have some vegan dish options which might not be on the menu, so ask if you’re vegan!), and super yummy food!! 

Loved it and we will be back again!  Highly recommended!
:)  Megan

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    Happy Anniversary! And Merry Christmas, Megan! I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas. I was inspired by your sugar cookies. They look awesome and yummy!

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